Running a nonprofit animal rescue, we meet and work with multiple vets. I can truly say that Dr. Marcum and her staff care deeply about serving and bettering the lives of their patients. They are also easy to talk to and explain things in a way that non-vet minded individuals can relate to and understand. And they listen to our volunteer staff and our concerns / ideas, which is a huge plus to us. Many times they have come out last minute at the end of their day to help a member of our fur baby family and have even gone as far to help us find monetary support for cases that are urgent. I truly cannot thank Dr. Marcum and her staff enough. We are so grateful to have them in our herds life at 16 Hands of Love. I recommend her to anyone who asks for a great vet!

Angela H.

I highly recommend Sea Paws! Dr. Marcum made the process of my two Maltese’s teeth cleaning stress-free. I am so happy that I decided to go with Sea Paws! The mobile aspect of her practice keeps my high anxiety pups as much at ease as possible. In addition, I appreciate Dr. Marcum’s kind and gentle personality. The dogs definitely sense it making the vet visit not such a traumatic experience. I definitely recommend using Sea Paws mobile vet service over a conventional vet any day. Thanks again Dr. Marcum and Anna!

Arden R.

We are very happy with Sea Paws and Dr. Markum! Our cat had bad flea dermitis and I was trying to treat it at home but Gabby would never heal. Dr. Markum and her team came to our house, treated her, gave us a new flea prescription and recommended we stop using what we used – so we did. Within just a little over a week, Gabby is well and doing great – the itchy, irritating,patches are gone, and she’s back to being her playful self. Thank you Sea Paws!

Teresa P.

They came and took care of my dog Duke and were very loving and caring with him.

Yvette B.

The only one I trust with my babies they love her and her team. She has gotten me through some very hard times. Give her a call you will be very happy you did

Maryann M.

This Vet is fantastic. She is a mobile veterinarian and we saw her in Kemah. Her vet mobile is awesome. What really mattered to me is that she was very gentile with my old, ornery cat, Kitty. I love my cat and he is very old so it is super important to me that he is treated like the king he is in our house. Dr Marcum has good posted reviews. She is great! I will add her phone number later.

Coral S.

My husband and I just moved onto a boat with our 2 senior dogs. My older lab mix was having mobility issues so I decided to call Sea Paws rather than take her in a car to a Vet clinic and I’m so glad I did! They were able to see me the same day and it was less stressful for her (and me). We were able to start a pain management plan right away and by that night she was back to her normal self. Thank you Sea Paws!

Amber J.

Whole staff is awesome! My dog is far from a fan of the vet but having the option to be seen at home is very helpful.

Google Reviewer

I can’t rave enough about Dr. Marcum and Anna. They are loving, accommodating, and brilliant. I can’t imagine brining my pets anywhere else!

Nicole G.

I was ecstatic to come across not only a wonderful vet, but a wonderful vet who comes to you!! Sometimes it’s quite the hassle to get a senior dog and a Great Dane to and from the vet. I no longer have to worry about that because I won’t be using anyone else but Dr. Marcum with Sea Paws from now on! Great experience and they are fantastic with my 2 pooches. The level of care they provide is excellent. I highly recommend them!

Lindsay J.

Greatest doctor I’ve ever known. Great staff. Loving, tender care for all the animals.

Melba B.