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Why Sea Paws is Better

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Cindy Marcum, MS, DVM of Sea Paws Veterinary Services, believes that pets and pet owners should not have to experience stress and inconvenience for a veterinary visit.  For that reason, she brings her mobile veterinary clinic to you. Sea Paws Veterinary Service makes house calls!


We charge $75 to $150 for the house call based on your location (most of Galveston County is $75) and $75 for a physical exam.  You will find that all other prices are right in line with or even lower than the other veterinary clinics in our area. 


We we have a small team and offer private, compassionate and individualized care for every pet.

About Dr. Marcum

Dr. Marcum has a lifetime of experience working with animals. She has a lifetime of experience working with wildlife rescue organizations and as an educator.


After completing her masters degree in Biology and teaching at a local college, Dr. Marcum went on to veterinary school at Kansas State University. Not long after completing her degree in Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Marcum moved back to her native state of Texas and has been in practice here since 2005.


Dr. Marcum has been a leader in other veterinary hospitals in our area (you may have known her as Dr. Moore before she went back to her maiden name) and has been an educator of new veterinarians all over the Houston area.

In-Home Veterinary Services: House Calls

The Sea Paws mobile veterinary clinic

Sea Paws Veterinary Services is different. You make an appointment, and your pet's doctor comes to you in a full-service mobile veterinary clinic, providing customized care in a stress-free environment - your home! 


Your pet stays home where he or she is secure and comfortable. The doctor has the time and space to listen to you and thoroughly examine your pet. Working closely with you, Dr. Marcum gains a full understanding of your pet's needs to create a customized treatment plan that works for you and your pet. 


Now Dr. Marcum is available to you and your pet in a home-visit setting. This kind of concierge service is making all the difference in the health and well-being of the pets she sees.


You and your pet now have the opportunity to schedule a visit and learn the difference that concierge veterinary care can make. Call us today at 281-614-9504, or use our online form to schedule a veterinary house call.

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